What is different about FidoActive Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs?

FidoActive Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs is a nutritional supplement for dogs that combines essential vitamins and minerals in a tasty nugget form.
Our unique blend contains several active ingredients, which benefit your dog from the inside out, because dogs under stress from strained or injured joints, will tend to lose condition of their skin & coat too.
So, while Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM help restore and maintain healthy joints, reduce pain and inflammation and increase mobility, Lecithin helps restore and maintain the overall well-being of your dog, assists the healing process and revives skin and coat condition.

Who is FidoActive Hip & Joint Supplement for?

  • For dogs that suffer stiffness and pain after normal exercise
  • For older canine companions suffering from dog arthritis or hip dysplasia
  • For dogs who need help with their mobility issues but suffer from sensitive stomachs or side-effects of taking harsher medication such as NSAIDs
  • For younger dogs in their prime growth period
  • For dogs of breeds susceptible to dog arthritis or hip dysplasia
  • For dog rescuers to help their adopted friends regain their lust for life
  • For dogs recovering from a crucial joint or ligament operation
  • For hiking or running canine companions to ensure they can keep up with you
  • For working dogs after a hard day on the job
  • For agility and show dogs to keep them in tip-top condition
  • For any dog who loves (or would love) an active life

What is the daily dosage for FidoActive Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs?

The daily dosage depends on your dog’s weight. We've put a handy dosage chart the jar label so there's always a helpful reminder for you and your dog minder.
It can be given at any time of day as a treat, after your pet has eaten or mixed in with regular meals. You may double the daily dosage for the first 4 weeks, to accelerate the initial benefit but then revert to normal recommended dosage.

Is FidoActive Advanced hip & joint supplement suitable for my younger dog?

Younger dogs benefit by helping maintain the strength and elasticity of healthy joints, cushion impact on younger joints during intensive periods of work or play and to spare them the pain later on. Prevention is better than cure!
FidoActive also includes essential vitamins & nutrients that are vital for all growing dogs, as well as supporting the overall wellbeing of your faithful friend.
If they’re unlucky and need surgery for any reason, FidoActive assists the healing process and helps them regain mobility.


What are probiotics?

A probiotic is a living microorganism and are sometimes referred to as “friendly” bacteria, ones that support the body’s immune system and can help to fight off infection and other “bad” bacteria.
Probiotics are not all the same; many different strains and types of probiotics exist and can be cultured, in order to support particular functions (such as the natural bacteria or “flora” of the gut, to help with digestive upsets) and to improve the health and effectiveness of a wide range of bodily systems.

When is the best time to start giving my dog probiotics?

As early as possible. Research suggests that puppies given a healthy dose of probiotics to seed the gut early in life have the best developed immune systems later in life. Also, giving your dog probiotics during times of wellness is the best way to avoid developing allergies and build up a robust immune system to help them fight infections during periods of illness.
During the formative months, your pet is developing their natural immune and digestive systems—the gut (intestine) is essentially sterile and will take months for these healthy microorganisms to flourish. Since approximately 80% of your pet’s immune function is in the gut, it is vital that during these young months, that your pet’s digestive tract is seeded with healthy flora (healthy bacteria microorganisms, or “probiotics”). Studies show that these healthy microorganisms will help control pathogenic bacteria and avoid developing allergies or other health issues later in life.

Why is a probiotic powder better than probiotic pet food and probiotic chews/treats?

FidoActive Advanced Probiotics is a dry probiotic supplement powder that contains stabilized strains of bacteria. Dry powders are more desirable over probiotic chews, treats, or probiotic dog food because the process of including probiotics in these products often kills the living bacteria.
A dry, stabilized probiotic does not require refrigeration and will not react the same way to exposure as a liquid or unstable probiotic. The way it works is this: the dry bacteria is reconstituted (brought back to life) naturally in your dog's stomach where they thrive and move to the intestines. In the intestines the probiotics multiply hundreds of times over.

What can probiotics do for dogs?

Probiotics offer a great many benefits to dogs, as they can help to support a healthy immune system and fend off a wide range of bacterial conditions. Probiotics can inhibit the growth and spread of such nasties as E-coli and salmonella, and can help to treat or prevent a wide range of other conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, urine infections and many other issues. Probiotics are often especially effective at preventing or reducing the incidence rate of chronic conditions, those that are apt to flare up repeatedly even after successful treatment.
Probiotics can also boost production of the body’s own healthy bacteria, and therefore especially useful when administered to dogs that have been given a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics are medications that treat bacterial infections by killing the harmful bacteria that is present, but they are not particularly selective, and will usually kill a good quantity of your dog’s friendly bacteria as well.
Administering a probiotic supplement to your dog during or after they have finished a course of antibiotics can help to stimulate the body’s own production of its good bacteria, bringing your dog’s defence systems and natural immunity back up to its regular levels within a shorter period of time. This can greatly reduce the chances of your dog contracting a secondary infection after recovery as the result of treatment with antibiotics!

Should I give my dog probiotics if they have a serious medical condition?

All dogs can benefit from supplemental probiotics, although care should be taken when considering probiotics for dogs that are not in good health. While probiotics can help dogs that are sick or have a suppressed immune system in much the same way that they can help a healthy dog, they may also prove a little too invasive within the body of a dog whose normal functions are compromised. In a sick dog, probiotics may potentially develop and multiply in quantities greater than usual, unchecked by the natural limits imposed by the healthy body. By all means look into giving a sick dog probiotics, but make sure that you do so in consultation with your vet.