Advanced Probiotics
Our Ingredients

A probiotic is a living microorganism and are sometimes referred to as “friendly” bacteria, ones that support the body’s immune system and can help to fight off infection and other “bad” bacteria.
Probiotics are not all the same; many different strains and types of probiotics exist and can be cultured, in order to support particular functions (such as the natural bacteria or “flora” of the gut, to help with digestive upsets) and to improve the health and effectiveness of a wide range of bodily systems.
We used to think that vitamins were the way to go, but without a healthy gut, vitamins can go to waste. Animals given probiotics during times of wellness is the best way to avoid developing allergies and build up a robust immune system to help them fight bouts of illness. Also, a healthy gut balanced with good flora will actually help your dog produce their own natural vitamins and absorb more nutrients from his food.
For maximum efficacy, it is essential that any probiotic also contains a prebiotic; the prebiotic nourishes the probiotics and support their growth. Our proprietary formula contains inulin, the best prebiotic available.


FidoActive Advanced Probiotics contains 8 top-grade, dog-specific, live bacteria strains, which have been approved by the FDA and AAFCO as DFMs (Direct Fed Microbials). Our probiotics are grown fresh and independently tested for purity and authenticity. The product is made in the USA under strict manufacturing guidelines within FDA approved and regulated facilities.
We specifically created our formula as a dry powder; this is more desirable over probiotic chews, treats, or probiotic dog food because the process of including probiotics in these products often kills the living bacteria.
A dry, stabilized probiotic does not require refrigeration and will not react the same way to exposure as a liquid or unstable probiotic. The way it works is this: the dry bacteria is reconstituted (brought back to life) naturally in your dog's stomach where they thrive and move to the intestines, where the probiotics multiply hundreds of times over.
A probiotic's CFU (Colony Forming Unit) count represents the amount of viable (living) bacteria in the product.
Benefits of probiotics include the decrease of potentially pathogenic gastrointestinal microorganisms, the reduction of gastrointestinal discomfort, the strengthening of the immune, improvement of the skin's function, improvement of bowel regularity, strengthening the resistance to allergens, decrease in body pathogens, reduction of flatulence and bloating, protection of DNA, protection of proteins and lipids from oxidative damage and the maintaining of individual intestinal microbiota in dogs receiving antibiotic treatment.

Diatomaceous Earth

D.Earth is a natural parasite and worm remover. It causes a healthy elimination of parasites and worms without chemicals.


Acts as a carrier and anchor for probiotics to make it to the gut , so increase helpful bacteria in the colon. Because it has this effect, inulin is called a prebiotic and also provides food and fuel for the probiotics to grow and survive.
Prebiotics may have numerous health benefits; they help increase the amount of calcium and other minerals your dog can absorb from their food, support a healthy immune system and relieve intestinal problems. Inulin also lowers levels of triglycerides, a type of blood fat.

Above Sea Coral Calcium (Caco3)

High-purity fossilized coral calcium contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, potassium, iodine, essential trace minerals, and many other microscopic elements essential to animals. In addition, fossilized coral calcium contains antioxidants known to help protect from free radical damage.
Contains the only Above Sea organic certified coral calcium in the world, plus
74 natural pharmaceutical grade minerals – pet food typically contains just 6 to 8 minerals!
Increases bone, teeth, hip and joint density; raises pH levels, boosts energy, and calms nervous pets.